Rajan V. Ritoe Portfoliowerk

Kennisontwikkeling en -overdracht staan aan de basis van al mijn projecten. Ik daag mijzelf uit met elk project dat ik opzet. Zij kennen als gemeenschappelijke component de zoektocht naar succes. Een zoektocht die tot op het laatste detail moet kloppen. Mijzelf en mijn team scherp houden vormt voor mij de ultieme motivatie om het verschil te maken.

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Tentoonstellingen (selectie)

2010 Berlin Exhibition Yona Friedman at A trans Pavilion, Hackesche Höfe

2009 Restructuring Aleppo at The Berlage Institute Rotterdam

2007 Berlin Exhibition Hybrid Syntaxes at A trans Pavilion, Hackesche Höfe

2006 City Intensification at Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory - ASU Arizona (PURL)

2005 Social Typographies at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT)

2005 City Syntax at Buenos Aires Museo de Arquitectura (Marq)

2003 Demographic Movement at The International Architecture Biennal Rotterdam

2003 Eternal Olympic at London The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

2001 Dublin Bay at The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland Dublin


2018 Scentus Flare ( in development)

2016 Serra Be Inspired Kid interactive fragrance (in production)

2016 Serra Collection - interactive fragrance (in production)

2014 Search Engine Yooray (alpha release _USA Patent Pending)

2007 Home Climbing-Furniture (exhibit)

2007 Chair Design (exhibit)

2007 Perfume printer landscape (exhibit)


2002 gedeelde eerste prijs, prijsvraag: “Town hall office Rotterdam”

1993 eerste prijs, prijsvraag: “From Waste to Resource”, Italy

1992 eerste prijs, prijsvraag: “Bridge Scheveningen harbour”

1992 tweede prijs, prijsvraag: “Glue Institute test-case”, Delft


RITOE R.V. (ed.) 2013, Future Times Square; Compression vs. Distribution, Delft, NYM FIX press.

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Tamburelli, P.P. & Zanderigo, A. & RITOE R.V. 2008. Restructuring Aleppo; The Grey City the Berlage Institute Research report No.20, Rotterdam

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RITOE, R.V. 2004. A Different View. In: The Architecture Annual 2003-2004. Rotterdam 010.

RITOE, R.V. 2002. Eternal Olympic, Athens. In: The Architecture Annual 2002-2003. Rotterdam 010.

RITOE, R.V. 2001. Dublin Bay. In: The Architecture Annual 2001-2002. Rotterdam 010.

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RITOE, R.V. 1994. Reflexivity, the Berlage cahiers 4, 50, 54, 65, 68.

RITOE, R.V. 1992. Earthwork. the Berlage cahiers 1, 68.

200 Videoproducties (selectie)


Robbert Dijkgraaf Intermezzo Arch. 2.0
Bjarke Ingels about BIG
La Maison Prouve: an Iconic House in Nancy by Agnès Cailliau

At home with Le Corbusier by Tim Benton

House and Studio of Luis Barragán by Armando Chávez

Mies van der rohe - The many lives of the Villa Tugendhat by Iveta Černá

Richard Neutra's Studio and Residence by Raymond Neutra

Frank Lloyd Wright by Dick van Gameren

Alvar Aalto by Susanna Pettersson

The Melnikov House by Jean-Louis Cohen

Joep van Lieshout about ‘The Towering Inferno’
Mariette Dölle, director of TENT, at the 10th anniversary of TENT Rotterdam
José Teunissen, curator of 'The Art of Fashion'
Hans Lensvelt- Architect Interior' Prize
Jan Benthem Woonark
Hans Lensvelt- Architect Interior' Prize
Bjarke Ingels about BIG
Vedran Mimica 10 year Berlage Instituut 
Michael Speaks about the Berlage Institute
Jean-Louis Cohen about the Berlage Institute
Kenneth Frampton about the Berlage Institute
Wiel Arets about the Berlage Institute
Sjoerd Soeters about his ideas

Petra Blaisse about her work

Nanne de Ru about his work

Hans Oldewarris about his library

Rotterdam CS by Piet Vollard (20.000 views)
Hans Kalliwoda about World in a Shell
Henk van der Veen about the Archiprix 2010
Bob Allies, London Olympics
Jord den Hollander, about AFFR film festival

Gert Urhahn about his work

Zef Hemel Curator of the 4th IABR

Kees Christiaanse, Curator of the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam


UN HABITAT III CONFERENCE by Chief Government architect of The Netherlands

NRP Gulden Feniks 2016

NRP Masterprijs

Compilatie Praktijkcongres 2014

Opdrachtgeversforum in de bouw - Jaaroverzicht 2013

Organisatie en Begeleiding Internationale Onderzoeksprojecten (selectie)

2010 Future Times Square, New York
in samenwerking met TU Delft, Faculteit Bouwkunde. Geïnterviewden: Tim Tompkins van het ‘Times Square Alliance’, Kenneth Lewis, directie lid SOM, Paul E. Cohen, auteur van ‘Manhattan in Maps’ en Joshua Prince-Ramus, directeur REX.

2009 Revolutionize Brasilia, Brazilië
in samenwerking met TU Delft, Faculteit Bouwkunde. Geïnterviewden: Charles Jencks, Yona Friedman, Herman Hertzberger, Oscar Niemeyer.

2008 Stadsontwikkeling Aleppo, Syrië. In samenwerking met het Berlage Instituut Rotterdam.

2008 ZOOM-China, China. In samenwerking met Tongji University College of Architecture and Urban Planning Shanghai.

2007 Tagus City, Portugal. In samenwerking met Faculdade de Arquitectura e Arte Lisbon.

2006 Compact City, United States. In samenwerking met Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA.

2005 Luxemburg Expansion Lexicon, Luxemburg. In samenwerking met Bauhaus University Weimar, University College Dublin.

2005 City Syntax, Argentinië. In samenwerking met Universidad Palermo Buenos Aires.

2005 Social Topography Japan, Japan. In samenwerking met Tokyo Institute of Technology, de University of Tokyo, Kazuyo Sejima (SANAA) en Wiel Arets (Wiel Arets Architect & Associates).

2004 High-rise and Fragments, Spanje. In samenwerking met ETSAB School of Architecture Barcelona en met Wiel Arets (Wiel Arets Architect) en Josep Acebillo Università della Svizzera italiana (Mendrisio, Switzerland).

2004 Coastal Transformation, Argentinië. In samenwerking met Universidad Palermo Buenos Aires en met “La Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Cruz”, Bolivia.

2003 Eternal Olympics, Griekenland. In samenwerking met National Technical University Athens.

2001 Dublin Bay, Ierland. In samenwerking met University College Dublin.

Wat anderen vertellen (selectie):

Wietse van den Noort
Curator, 24 jaar werkzaam geweest als restaurator van schilderijen in het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag en als leraar tekenen en kunstgeschiedenis.

"Ik ken het gezin Ritoe al vanaf het midden van de 60ger jaren. Rajan, de oudste zoon, was nog een baby en zij woonden op een etage in Marlot. Vader Sewdath was een studiegenoot van mij aan de Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Den Haag (afd. tekenen M O ) Moeder Shirley was kleuterleidster. Ik ben altijd met het gezin bevriend gebleven en heb, met intervallen, de ontwikkeling van Rajan kunnen volgen. Hij is opgegroeid in een milieu waar de beeldende kunsten een zeer prominente plaats innamen. Naar mijn mening is Rajan begaafd, serieus, integer, representatief en energiek."

The Architects Newspaper, Layers Upon Layers
By STEFANIE LEONTIADIS October 24, 2014 New York, USA

"...The lack of a personal encounter with Times Square prior to reading Future Times Square; Compression vs. Distribution, edited by Rajan V. Ritoe, has only been a fortune to this review. This, because when dealing with an interventional design proposition of such a celebrated space, the pre-conceived perception—diverse in everybody’s mind and well set for any New Yorker—could become dangerously critical and biased, fluctuating the understanding of the author’s well thought-out and methodological narrations...."

NRC Nederland, groot in zoekmachines
Herbert Blankesteijn 30 april 2014

"...Bij bestaande zoekmachines is de populariteit van sites een belangrijke factor, ook de bekende voorkeuren van de zoeker hebben invloed. Dat zorgt ervoor dat je alleen voor de hand liggende resultaten krijgt, en niet de interessantste”, stelt Ritoe.
Yooray zal vooral uitgaan van de betekenis van zoektermen. Wie zoekt op ‘motor’ krijgt, naast de eerste resultaten, verschillende ‘richtingen’ aangeboden zoals voertuig, elektrisch, transmissie en ontsteking. Yooray presenteert die in een grafische interface zodat de zoeker zonder typwerk zijn verkenning kan voortzetten. „Heel geschikt voor gebruik op aanraakschermen”, meent Ritoe..."

Isolde Nagel
Independent Architecture & Planning Professional Berlin Germany

"I met Rajan whilst I was doing the set-up of an exhibition about Chinese Architecture for Aedes Berlin in Barcelona. From then on our co-collaboration started. We created several trans-disciplinary exhibitions in Berlin, the most remarkable with the great Yona Friedman from Paris. During the years I experienced Rajan as an impressive creative and visionary person. His energy and curiosity always powered his projects. Thanks to an introduction to people from his network I could organize some projects that are important to me. He combines a high degree of flexibility to excellent leadership skills. To work and co-create with Rajan is always a pleasure and an enrichment.

Jesus J. Lara
Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning at The Ohio State University USA

"...Over the years I have followed Rajan on some of his work, he is highly motivated and visionary person. I must add that Rajan has a warm sense of humor, he is a team player, gives a lot of himself to colleagues; is a natural leader and mentor to students. He is superb networker and has made his mark (many prizes and research projects) earned in architecture and urbanism. He is extremely inventive and result oriented..."

Conrad Kickert
Assistant Professor of Urban Design at University of Cincinnati USA

"..Rajan is an open-minded creative professional, with whom I have very gladly worked in an academic setting. He looks beyond the traditional disciplinary comfort zones to inspire students and create visions that would have otherwise never materialized. While my disciplinary background as an urban designer is different from his architectural background, he has always looked for connections rather than separations - a great characteristic of a synthesizing thinker. Last but not least, he has a very positive and constructive attitude toward his colleagues and students, while still challenging those around him to do their best work."

Nick Albers
MARATHON Architecture NL

"...All over the world and with tremendous effort, Rajan organised the most phenomenal architecture workshops. Three times I was fortunate enough to be part of these intense adventures. It changed my life - and everyday his teachings are a big part of my architecture. Thank you Rajan!..."

Mijn projecten zijn deels mogelijk gemaakt door:

- The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, New York
- The Dutch Embassy, Berlin
- The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Damascus
- The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Shanghai
- Ambassade Royale des Pays-Bas, Luxembourg
- The Netherlands Embassy in Japan

Fondsen, universiteiten, gemeenten en instituties:
- The Netherlands Architecture fund
- Mondriaan foundation, Netherlands
- EFL foundation The Hague, The Netherlands
- Institut français Berlin
- Municipality of Venlo
- Faculty of Architecture TU-Delft
- Municipality of Aleppo, Syria (Mayor of Aleppo Mr. Maan Chibi)
- Shanghai Creative Industry Center, Shanghai
- Tongji university, Shanghai, P.R.China
- Faculty of Architecture TU-Delft
- Berlage Institute Rotterdam
- Polis platform for urbanism TU-Delft
- Stylos Fondation TU-Delft
- Mondriaan foundation, Netherlands
- Kulturbüro Mitte, Berlin
- A trans Pavilion, Berlin
- Universidades Lusíada de Lisboa, Portugal
- Fondation de l'Architecture et de l'Ingénierie, Luxembourg
- Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs-Conseils, Luxembourg
- The Youth Programme for Education and Culture / Luxembourg
- Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
- The University of Tokyo (TODAI)
- Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT)

- ING Real Estate Investment Management Shanghai, China
- De Architekten Cie. Amsterdam
- MVRDV Architects Rotterdam
- Genesis product development, Netherlands
- Wiel Arets Architects, The Netherlands
- SANAA Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa, Japan
- ASJ Architects Studio Japan
- Modulor material total, Berlin
- Eternit, Berlin
- BVR stedelijke ontwikkeling, landschap en infrastructuur, Rotterdam
- KOW International BV The Hague
- AMOD China

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